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  • Helpful Tips for Aerosol Touch-Ups


    Most paint and lacquer products in aerosol cans are flammable. Never spray in any room that has an open flame or gas-fired appliances, including basements, kitchens or garages. Always spray in well-ventilated area for safety and health reasons.

    Application - For Best Results:

    • All aerosol spraying should be done at room temperatures of 70 degrees F.
    • Shake the can vigorously up and down until the agitator ball inside is loose.
    • Once the agitator ball is loose, swirl the can in a circular motion for one minute to blend all ingredients properly.
    • Hold spray can 10-12 inches from the area being sprayed.
    • Failure to observe these basic rules can result in finishing problems.


    • After you have completed your work, turn can upside down and depress the tip for a few seconds until only vapor appears. This will clean the spray head and dip tube.
    • Wipe off all overspray from the tip before you put the can away.
    • Clogged tips may be removed and soaked in lacquer thinner. Inserting a fine needle into the orifice of the tip will help clean clogged tips.


    • Aerosol products perform best when used within 12 months of the date of purchase.


    • Toners have minimal protective abilities and require topcoating to achieve desired durability.
    • Depending on temperature, length of exposure to sunlight and oxidation, the color may change over time.
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