Lenmar Product Resources

The ultimate in performance for fine wood finishes, Lenmar® has been
a trusted brand for over 65 years.

Lenmar is uniquely designed for professional wood finishing craftsmen, cabinet shops of all sizes, professional floor refinishers and any contractor interested in providing their client with superior wood finishing solutions.

With a robust portfolio featuring high-quality wood coating solutions for various applications, each Lenmar product is carefully formulated and backed by years of advanced wood coatings research to provide lasting beauty and protection.

The Lenmar® Product Line

Professional Wood Finishes

The extensive selection of Lenmar products includes clear and pigmented conversion varnishes, precatalyzed lacquers, acrylic and waterborne systems, nitrocellulose lacquers, and stains.
Available in a variety of sheens and quality levels, these finishing systems are ideal for use on wood cabinetry, furniture and other interior wood surfaces.

Interior Wood Floor Coatings

Lenmar interior wood floor finishes are comprised of waterborne and polyurethane floor finishing systems, in addition to sealers and prep products. Lenmar wood floor products include self-leveling, abrasion-resistance and fast-drying properties, all with superior durability.
Available in one- or two-component systems in a variety of sheens, Lenmar wood floor finishing systems are ideal for commercial, residential and gym floor finishes.

Interior Wood Finishes

Durable and user-friendly, Lenmar’s interior wood stains and clear finishes are specially formulated. These products feature desirable attributes like easy application for all types of wood surfaces and soap and water clean up.
The product lineup includes a wiping wood stain, spar varnish and waterborne urethane, all suitable for use on wood furniture, doors, trim, cabinets, and more.

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