Our Gemini People

Gemini Industries has a passionate belief that the company’s strongest resource is its people. In 1984, that principle became more than words when the company began the journey into becoming employee-owned. In April of 2003, then-President/CEO Michael Smith (the son of the original founder of the company, Bill Smith) completed this journey by selling his majority stock ownership to the employees of Gemini. Mr. Smith was instrumental in creating the unique “Culture of Ownership” that exists today. It was at this point Michael decided to pursue outside opportunities and put the employee-owned company to the real test! Today, Gemini stock is 100% employee-owned. Since then, Gemini team members have enjoyed the benefits of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) that provides them with the ability to accumulate significant ownership stock for retirement.

Gemini Christmas Party

Gemini’s ownership culture is reflected through its unique “open book” style of management. This process offers every employee-owner the opportunity to attend monthly financial meetings where the business and financial details of Gemini Industries are reviewed and discussed. This privilege allows each employee-owner the opportunity to understand their role in the success or challenges our company faces.

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