Stain Color Center


Looking to make your staining process more efficient, effective and organized? The Gemini stain color center is your perfect answer! 

The Gemini Stain Color Center is a mixing station using an intermix of 9 deep stain colors and one clear base. Each of the nine stain colors are a ready-to-use stain.

By intermixing various combinations of these nine colors with the clear base an endless array of colors and letdowns are created. The complete system consists of nine stain colors, one clear base, two sets of 70 custom-colored solid wood chips (one maple and one alder), formula book and mixing equipment. The base colors incorporate all the quick-dry, soft-settle and easy application features of the Gemini oil stain formulations.

The Gemini Stain Color Center eliminates time consuming trial-and-error color-matching processes. By following the color formula or by making minor adjustments to one or more of the 70 colors you can easily achieve your desired color match, minimizing waste while reducing color-matching time by hours.

SBS Stains are formulated with resins that offer the working characteristics of an oil stain, but provide the rapid dry benefits of a lacquer wiping stain, with less than a one hour recoat time! This product is available in a clear base and a wide selection of standard colors, which are tintable with Industrial Colorants or Gem Dye Super Penetrating NGR Stains. This stain provides an exceptionally clean appearance with an increased depth of color and vibrancy that provides interior wood with a distinctive warm and rich appearance.

Product Codes Product Advantages
  • Complete Stain Intermix System
  • Start Up Supply of 9 Deep Color Concentrates
  • Color Chip Samples for 70 Colors on Your Choice of 4 Different Substrates
  • Detailed Formula Book
  • Ability to Make Unlimited Stain Combinations
  • Complete Manual and Training on the Machine
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