550 VOC High Build Lacquer

This system is designed for use in geographical areas where 550 VOC products are required by government regulations.  High Build Lacquers are a high solids, AIM complaint coating formulated to meet or exceed federal VOC regulations.  This system is a highly efficient nitrocellulose lacquer utilizing premium quality imported modifying resins which promote excellent holdout, gloss, retention and film hardness.  This system is intended for use on interior architectual or decorative woodwork and should not be utilized as a system for furniture, cabinetry or where chemical and water resistance are required.  Not intended for use ocer light or natural stains where clarity and non-yellow are critical.  

For non-yellowing systems see Water Clear Lacquers

Product Codes Product Advantages
  • High Solids
  • 550 VOC Compliant
  • AIM Complaint
  • Easy to Apply
  • Ready to Spray for Airless Application
  • Quick Dry
  • Excellent Film Build and High Profile Appearance
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