Gemini’s EVO Eclipse As Seen in FDMC Magazine’s In the Shop

FDMC Magazine’s In the Shop recently reviewed Gemini’s EVO® Eclipse sealer and topcoat, both in dull sheen, on oak plywood.

EVO® Eclipse is a full line of high-performance, interior water-based coatings for wood that includes primers, sealers, clear and pigmented topcoats and a full line of tint bases. It is low odor and low VOC, fast to dry and has no HAPs, formaldehyde or phthalates. 

Here’s one excerpt from the review from William Sampson, “There was no sign of grain raising. I’ve used other waterborne products that it seems every coating step is a battle to hold back the grain raising. Not so with the EVO Eclipse coatings.”

In the Shop was pleased with their results, and we hope this is helpful for you to see what EVO® Eclipse can do for you. Click here to read the full In the Shop review and be sure to watch the video!

In the Shop is a monthly series of reviews and videos by William Sampson, a lifelong woodworker with more than 20 years of experience in the woodworking industry. This is just the first EVO® Eclipse product test that In the Shop will conduct, so stay tuned for more reports from William.

Learn more about EVO® Eclipse.

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