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ASTERIA CV Sealer is a post-catalyzed sealer formulated with the latest in resin technology, and provides the finisher with a high solids sealer that exhibits both exceptional sanding properties, and quick cure profile for fast turnaround. ASTERIA is a true, water clear conversion varnish sealer and does not contain any nitrocellulose. ASTERIA CV Sealer is easy to catalyze, and has excellent penetration of the substrate and superior build.

Product Codes

Product Advantages

  • Weight Solids: 41%
  • Volume Solids: 32.6%
  • Dry to Sand: 30 Minutes
  • Excellent Build and Holdout
  • Easy Sanding
  • Ready to Spray Once Catalyzed
  • Easy to Measure 10% Catalyst Ratio
  • 24 Hour Pot Life
  • Meets or Exceeds KCMA Specifications

For wood substrates only. For interior use only.

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