The history of Gemini begins with its founder, William H. Smith. Mr. Smith began his career in the paint industry when he graduated from the University of California with a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Mechanical Engineering shortly after serving in the Marine Corps in World War II.

On December 22, 1964, Mr. Smith started a company called Gemini Products. The name for the new company was taken from the constellation in the Zodiac called “Gemini” of the twin stars. Four years later, because the focus of the business was almost entirely on lacquer products, the name of the corporation was changed from Gemini Products, Inc. to Gemini Lacquers, Inc. Over time that name has changed to Gemini Industries to better reflect the over-arching array of products and business that Gemini Industries has evolved to.


Gemini Industries has a passionate belief that the company’s strongest resource is its people. In 1984, that principle became more than words when the company began the journey into becoming employee owned. In April of 2003, then President/CEO Michael Smith (the son of the original founder of the company, Bill Smith) completed this journey by selling his majority stock ownership to the employees of Gemini. Mr. Smith was instrumental in creating the unique “Culture of Ownership” that exists today. It was at this point Michael decided to pursue outside opportunities and put the employee-owned company to the real test! Today, Gemini stock is 100% employee-owned. Since then, Gemini team members have enjoyed the benefits of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) that provides them with the ability to accumulate significant ownership stock for retirement.


Gemini’s ownership culture is reflected through its unique “open book” style of management. This process offers every employee owner the opportunity to attend monthly financial meetings where the business and financial details of Gemini Industries are reviewed and discussed. This privilege allows each employee owner the opportunity to understand their role in the success or challenges our company faces.


The Gemini Industries headquarters is based in El Reno, Oklahoma on a thirteen acre campus which includes, the administration building, main plant facility, complete laboratory & research and development area, shipping department, aerosol facility, touch up materials building plus maintenance department area. As well, Gemini industries maintains support distribution facilities in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Dallas Texas and Sparks, Nevada, with each facility offering key support to the overall Gemini product line and customer service system. Gemini industries also operates it’s own trucking company, an aerosol manufacturing business, a commodities distribution business and a touch up materials product line.


Gemini Industries offers a complete line of wood finishing products and support materials including: conversion varnishes, precatalyzed lacquers, stains, touch up & repair, primers and sealers, urethanes, acrylics, waterbornes, and exterior wood stains with our TWP product family. Each Gemini product and service offers a promise exemplified in our company slogan, “Finish With Excellence”. Each Gemini Industries co-owner is committed everyday to backing that promise up!

As Gemini Industries continues to grow and evolve we remind each other that it has always been the people of Gemini and our commitment to excellence that has made the company successful. If our history is an indication of what the future may hold, the employee owners of Gemini can anticipate an exciting and prosperous road ahead.



Gemini’s Mission is to grow our business profitably by providing wood coating products, services and training that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements and expectations.



The Gemini Vision is to be known as a best-in-class company where knowledgeable, empowered and engaged customer-focused employee-owners provide wood coatings and services that exemplify our belief in quality and integrity in all we do.


 INTEGRITY - We treat our customers, our suppliers, our communities and our fellow employees with the openness and honesty we ourselves would like to receive. Integrity in all of our interactions and relationships is the basis of our strength.

 INNOVATION - We are willing to change and do things differently to constantly improve our organization, our products, our service and our effectiveness.

 PARTICIPATION - We offer employees opportunities for personal growth with development and we expect their involvement in decision-making and ownership.

 RESPONSIBILITY - We take responsibility for our actions believing that behavior determines consequences. Thus, we affirm and welcome personal and corporate accountability.

 COMMITMENT - We are committed to walking our talk every day, in every location, in every relationship, in everything we do.

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