TWP Semi-Solid Tint Base

Gemini Coatings Releases New Total Wood Protectant Tintable Exterior Wood Stain Line

(EL RENO, Okla.) – Gemini Coatings released a new Total Wood Protectant® (TWP®) Semi-Solid Pro-Series tintable exterior wood stain line. The series offers 30 modern and popular highly-pigmented colors plus a broad spectrum of all season weather protection.  

The TWP® Semi-Solid Pro-Series creates a mildew resistant stain surface, is water repellent and aids in color retention. By resisting water absorption, the stain protects wood from warping, cracking, splitting and even freeze damage. 

“The semi-solid base allows custom colors to be blended by the retailer using pre-approved colorants, offering flexibility in the aesthetic of outdoor living spaces, home exteriors and even fencing without sacrificing product efficiency or reliability,” said Rob Dolman, Vice-President of Sales Exterior Division. “The TWP Semi-Solid Pro-series is an excellent choice for wood decks, siding, shingles, log homes, shakes, fascia and even rough sawn cedar. Professional applicators as well as home DIY-ers enjoy the performance, effortless application, and endless custom color possibilities.”

The TWP® exterior wood stain line includes solutions for many applications with the TWP100 Series for all exterior surfaces, TWP200 Series for shake shingles and vertical surfaces, TWP300 Series film-former for all exterior surfaces, TWP WS Series Waterborne for all exterior surfaces and TWP1500 Series for all exterior surfaces, all focused on enhancing the beauty of exterior wood while providing protection and preservation qualities. TWP® eliminates surface oriented mold and mildew growth and is easy to apply.

The TWP® Semi-Solid Pro-Series tintable exterior wood stain line is available in local retail stores or for purchase from authorized online retailers. For more information and a list of retailers, visit

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