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You work hard for your customers and your business. Let Gemini Industries and Sirca North America work just as hard for you, with a focus on technologically-advanced products and customer service. Learn more about Sirca North America in this with Joey Harrison, director of specialty coatings.

Q: How does Gemini and Sirca North America best serve customers? 

A: We are proud to be a trusted advisor. A normal order should be an easy process from something as simple as an email or an interaction with one of our customer service representatives. If utilized correctly, we have a vast team of professionals that will lead the customer to exactly what they are looking for. We offer education along with customer service.

Q: Tell us a bit about the art and science behind Sirca North America products.  

A: Sometimes the art and science are lost in today’s conversations but are important to be recognized. The science happens in our labs with numerous chemist that have the drive and passion to develop the best performing wood coatings in the world. The artisanal side lies within the many designers, woodworkers and craftspeople of our industry. These are the people who are responsible for bringing creations to life and our coatings are an important part of the finished product.  

Q: What can customers expect from Sirca North America products in terms of quality and variety? 

A: European Italian technology has historically set the bar for the performance of wood coatings. This means constant research and development. Sirca North America offers interior and exterior coatings both in solvent base and water base options.

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