Corporate Safety Introduction and Commitment

Job safety is no accident! It is the direct result of directed attention and thought. There couldn’t be more truth found in a single statement. Yet everyday, thousands of workers test this very premise. Often the net results are painful and sometimes fatal.

Safety is important to Gemini Industries because we care about the health and well being of our employees. We need each other on the job every day and working safely. This is both your and your fellow employee’s insurance that you will continue to benefit as part of the Gemini team. Therefore, it is a condition of your employment that you observe all safety rules.

The Three A’s of Safety


Being aware of the potential dangers of your workplace reduces injuries and accidents. If you know something can hurt you, you can either avoid it or handle it in a manner that ensures your safety. Gemini Management is responsible for ensuring that each employee is aware of potential hazards in the workplace. It is your responsibility to follow safety procedures and report unsafe conditions or activities.


Management involvement is only one part of the recipe for safety. An even more important ingredient is your attitude. It may sound like a cliché but it is a very true statement– to Be Safe, you must Think Safe. No one is immune from accidents. Realize that accidents can happen to you, not just to someone else. It is your responsibility to think through every activity before performing it, considering every potential for injury.


Awareness and attitude are very important to your safety, but without implementation, they are useless. You must put the training you receive into practice. Your attitude should drive you to learn a better way of performing a task. Accidents may happen as a result of activity, but more often occur as a result of inactivity, such as failing to discard a damaged tool or to clean up a spill. Safety is always a conscious choice. Management can provide you with the training required to perform your job safely, but it is your responsibility to act upon this training and to do so in a safe manner.

Hazard Awareness

A hazard is defined as a condition or changing set of circumstances that present a potential for injury, illness, or property damage. The potential is an inherent characteristic of an activity, condition, or circumstance, which can produce adverse or harmful consequences.

An accident is defined as an unfortunate event often the result of carelessness or ignorance. An unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance usually results in an unfavorable outcome.

There are some keywords in these definitions: Unplanned, Unforeseen, Unfortunate, Unfavorable and most importantly POTENTIAL!

For an unplanned or unforeseen event to take place, there has to be potential! Complacency and taking things for granted cause many injuries each year. Recognizing hazards and doing something about them is everyone’s responsibility!

Be aware of the potential hazards associated with your work and make your choices carefully! Think through every activity before you begin!

If You Have Any Concerns Or Questions, Please Contact The Corporate Environmental, Health, & Safety Department.

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