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Gemini NGR dye concentrates are designed for tinting spray stains, lacquers or sealers when they are being used as toners or as tinted washcoats. These dynamic dye concentrates are specifically formulated to provide you with the ultimate color quality and transparency, plus offer a versatile selection of colors.

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Additional Information

Gemini NGR dye concentrates are available in eight rich primary colors that are then inter-mixable into a dozen popular secondary colors. Secondary colors: Black, Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Burnt Umber, Extra Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Walnut, Perfect Brown, Red Mahogany, Brown Red Mahogany, Yellow, Cherry.

Product Advantages

  • Excellent Penetration
  • Ultimate Clarity
  • Rich Vivid Color Palette
  • Fast Dry
  • Add to a Multitude of Different Products to Achieve a Variety of Effects

Concentrates Available in Quarts Only. NG3000 Dye Base and 920S1800 Spray No Wipe Base Available Only in Gallons & Five Gallons.

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