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EVO® ECLIPSE is the newest breakthrough waterborne coating system from Gemini Industries that again raises the bar for wood coatings in North America. Waterborne has never been easier, or better.


Easy – Eclipse is super smooth off the gun and dries fast. Just stir and go.


Durable – Eclipse is extremely durable right out of the can.  To achieve extra hardness, chemical, or water resistance, the Eclipse system may also be further crosslinked with our EVO Hardener for maximum 2K performance.


Safe – Eclipse is a waterborne system with virtually no odor, so it is perfect for on-site finishing. Eclipse also allows the finisher to add anti-microbial protection before application to any product in the Eclipse line, with a simple and safe additive that can be easily mixed in before application.


EVO® ECLIPSE is ideal for:


Kitchen Cabinetry

Architectural Millwork and Casework

Wood Furniture

Interior Doors and Moldings

Field Finishing On-Site

Re-Finishing older finished cabinets On-Site

Designers and Customers that request anti-microbial protection

Product Codes

Product Advantages

EVO® ECLIPSE PIGMENTED Product Advantages:

  • Further Enhance Performance With Optional Hardener
  • 4 Base Tint System Provides Thousands Of Designer Colors At Your Fingertips.
  • Optional Anti-Microbial Protection Lasts For The Lifespan Of The Coating
  • EVO® ECLIPSE Tint Base System Makes Color Matching Simple and Fast.
  • Available in 4 Sheens, Flat, Dull, Satin, and Semi-Gloss
  • Mid Tone and Deep bases available in Dull and Satin

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