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A quick-dry alternative to enamel for architectural molding, trim and other interior wood projects with formulas to meet any VOC regulation. Formulated with nitrocellulose and alkyd resins, these coatings provide excellent flow and leveling, and better durability, hardness and mar resistance than enamels. All white lacquer topcoats are controlled for tint strength and short-filled for the addition of colorant. For use on interior wood surfaces such as trim, molding and any decorative woodwork where significant chemical and moisture resistance are not required.

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Additional Information

For further yellowing-resistance plus enhanced chemical and moisture resistance, see our sections on pre and post-catalyzed coatings.

Product Advantages

  • AIM Compliant
  • Quick Dry
  • Excellent Flow and Level
  • Available in Aerosol for Touch Up or Small Applications
  • Phthalate Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Whites Are Short Filled for Colorant Addition
  • Meets AWI System 1

For wood substrates only. For interior use only. See product label or Product Data Sheet for application recommendations and instructions.

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