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Industrial Wood Finishes Product Guide

Asteria Clear and Pigmented Conversion Varnishes

Asteria Vinyl Sealer

Blend Flyer

Clean-Up Thinner

EVO Eclipse

Formula Book

Gemini Solvent Selection

Gem Var Clear Conversion Varnish

Gem Var White Conversion Varnish

Nexus Clear Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers

Nexus Core Conversion Lacquer

Nexus Pre-Catalyzed Vinyl Sealer

Nexus White Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers

Nexprime Precat Primer

NGR Dye Concentrates

Gemini Sirca Profile

Stain Blend Color System

Touch Up and Repair

Ultra Seal Max Catalyzed Sealer

Ultra-Lacquer Clear Conversion Coating

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