Evo Eclipse Waterborne Product Line

EVO Eclipse is a full line of high-performance interior water-based coatings for wood that includes primers, sealers, clear and pigmented topcoats, and a full line of tint bases.   Evo Eclipse is one of the premier waterborne wood coatings available in North America, and is formulated with cutting-edge European resin technology that imparts superior application and performance characteristics. Waterborne has never been easier, or better.

Not only is Eclipse easier to apply than most low VOC solvent-based coatings, the multiple base tint system puts thousands of designer colors literally at your fingertips. The EVO Eclipse system also offers optional anti-microbial protection that lasts the lifetime of the coating; as well as an optional hardener that increases overall durability and adds tannin blocking performance to the primer.

EVO Eclipse is a safe, “green”, low odor coating system. Benefits of removing solvent-based coatings from factories and job sites may include reduction in insurance premiums and reduction of exposure to more harmful chemicals for customers and their employees. Contact our Regional Sales Managers to arrange a meeting and find out what EVO Eclipse can do for you.


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