Evo Eclipse Waterborne Product Line

Evo Eclipse is a full line of high-performance interior water-based coatings for wood. As one of the best class waterborne wood coatings available in North America; Evo Eclipse utilizes the finest European resin technology to enhance applications and performance. The product line has a full-color matching line of products including primers, sealers, clear and white topcoats.

Not only is it easier to apply than most low VOC solvent-based coatings, but the tint base system allows for access to thousands of colors. Evo Eclipse offers optional anti-microbial protection and a hardener that increases overall durability.

EVO Eclipse is a “green” coating, and by removing solvent-based coatings from factories, customers will significantly reduce the threat of fire and their liability insurance. In the workplace, our customers and their employees will increase the overall health exposure and quality of their own products due to the higher performance of the coatings. Contact our RSM’s (Regional Sales Managers) to arrange a meeting to find out more about how to use these products or get them specifications if you are a designer.


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