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Gemini Industries offers a complete line of wood finishing products and support materials backed by responsive customer service and high-quality standards. Learn more about how we support our customers in this Coatings Corner with Jason Melton, chief operating officer. 

Q: How does Gemini ensure product quality standards? 

A: Gemini has always been quality focused and believes very strongly in ensuring that our products are manufactured to the highest industry leading standards and specifications. Gemini extensively uses both physical and qualitative analytical instruments to ensure product consistency. Gemini controls quality through pre-production testing of incoming raw materials to post-production of finished goods. Gemini maintains raw material samples and production retains for future evaluations. All customer related inquires and all batch related abnormalities are investigated, and a root cause analysis performed. Gemini’s dedication to quality and product consistency is our cornerstone and this foundation is instilled in every member of the Gemini team. 

Q: What makes Gemini’s team and products unique?   

A: We have always valued service and quality among the most important aspects of what we do. We also believe in innovation and providing our customers with new and unique product offerings. Even though we continue to grow; we still believe in providing our customers with a personalized experience catering to their individual needs. A conversation with a decision maker is never more than a phone call away. The ability to evolve quickly and to provide our customers with solutions for complex challenges separates us from others. This has never been more evident than in today’s climate, from the production of hand sanitizer during the beginning of the pandemic to creative solutions to ensure that we meet our customers commitments. 

Q: How is Gemini able to reliably and consistently provide products to customers? 

A: Gemini takes its role as our customers’ partner very seriously. We continually work with our customers to ensure that their current and future needs are met. Gemini’s employee owners take a personal role in this effort and Gemini has strategically located warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the country to better serve the needs of our customers. We have multiple manufacturing locations that can quickly supply product to our customers and our own trucking line to ensure we deliver on our commitments. We manage our finished goods inventory very effectively, while proactively working with our raw material vendors to reduce the product cost. Our manufacturing team has an open dialogue with our customers and our sales team to manage customer needs. Our team truly believes that we are a partner with our customers and here to help them in any way that we can. We will do everything in our power to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. 

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