Anti – Microbial Protection

Anti-Microbial Protection

With the development of our new Eclipse Line, we have the ability to incorporate an Anti-Microbial additive into the coating.  It’s as simple as adding a small percentage of this additive to your coating before you begin finishing your project.

EAM1 is the product number for this additive, and it is designed to remain in the finish for the entire life of your project. There will be no need to reapply over time.

This additive contains sanitizing microparticles that reduce the bacterial contamination on the surface of the substrate and only requires the surface to be occasionally cleaned with a neutral cleaner. We recommend a damp cloth with soap and water.

Think of this as an opportunity to offer your client a surface that will remain bacteria-free during its useful life. 

In today’s environment, you will find a demand for this technology, especially in commercial settings but also with homeowners who are looking for a cleaner lifestyle.

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