680 VOC Pigmented Sealer

White Pigmented Sealers are formulated specifically as a prime coat for new, raw wood, formulated to fill, sand well and to be topcoated with a variety of coatings including pogmented lacquer, oil based or latex enamel or waterborne lacquers.  They are AIM compliant and are formulated to meet or exceed federal 680 VOC regulations.  They are designed to dry quickly, build effeciently and prepare the wood for topcoats, providing the professional contractor with an exceptional option for preparing wood substrates for seccessive white finish coats.
Product Codes Product Advantages
  • High Solids
  • AIM Compliant
  • Easy to Apply
  • Ready to Spray for Airless Application
  • Quick Dry
  • Excellent Film Build and High Profile Appearance
  • Excellent Sanding Characteristics
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